About Me

I will be the only special education at Crestview Elementary this year. I also work with an amazing full-time paraprofessional, Miss, Sher. She has a master's degree in Early Intervention. She is an amazing teacher! There will also be other paraprofessionals to provide extra support for our students who need help in their regular education setting. They are all very skilled and excited to work with our students.

In addition to my experience as a special education teacher, I have worked as a Reading Recovery teacher, special needs teacher, reading specialist, Reading First coach, K-6 literacy coach, site-based facilitator for Tier 1/Fluency Oriented Reading Instruction with the University of Utah Reading Clinic, and assistant principal. I have master's degree in education, as well as post graduate endorsements in Reading, Advanced Reading, English as a Second Language, and Administration.

What Others Are Saying About Me:

"Your training has impacted the majority of K-3 students in our school. I see teachers using the skills that you have taught and students engaged and learning. You have also had a significant impact on the direction of the entire school."    Principal

"I hope you know I have become a better educator by knowing you. You will be greatly missed! You are the kind of administrator a teacher dreams of working with."    Teacher

"I appreciate your wealth of reading knowledge. You work as hard as 3 teachers."    Teacher

"Thank you for being such a support for me this year! You inspire me to be a better teacher!"   Teacher

"Thank you for your dedication, your natural talent for teaching, and for the encouragement you give to all of us."    Paraprofessional

"I am very honored to have her as my child's teacher. She made my kid want to learn and like it."    Parent

"I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for my son. He always says that you made reading fun."    Parent

"You taught me how to spell and you taught me how to read. You are a good teacher. I wish you would be my teacher forever."    Student

"Thank you for teching me. I learned that the /aw/ make the ah sond. You are awsum. You were the coolest reading techer I ever had."    Student